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Our partner manufacturers are exclusive British and European brands, carefully selected for the synergy of their values with those of Draw A Bath. Renowned for the outstanding quality and iconic designs, each has their own unique style and character guaranteed to enhance the look and feel of any room. Their commitment to superior quality and functional design is underpinned by their dedication to customer satisfaction and genuine, long term guarantees.

DURAVIT at Draw A Bath
ARTELINEA at Draw A Bath
DORN BRACHT at Draw A Bath
IMPERIAL at Draw A Bath
MATKI at Draw A Bath
MATKI at Draw A Bath


With headquarters near Stuttgart in the Black Forest area of Germany, Duravit are renowned and respected for producing bathroom furniture, ceramics and wellness products to the highest technical standards using only the finest of materials. In an era of high tech and automation, Duravit continue to utilise the skills of local craftsmen to ensure the high standards and hand-finishing of their products. This superior quality, combined with timeless and elegant design which is unsurpassed, makes Duravit the most desirable and exclusive of brands. Due to their propensity for employing prominent designers and architects, such as Phillipe Starck, Sieger Design, Frank Huster and Matteo Thun, many of Duravit’s products have become truly iconic pieces.

Duravit at Draw A Bath


Rooted in centuries old traditions of glass manufacturing, Artelinear are pioneers in the use of glass to manufacture customised bathroom furniture. The marriage of handcrafted skill and cutting-edge production technology together with Artelinear’s infectious passion for the pursuit of perfection gives their product a look and feel which is truly unique. Their flawless designs are stunning in their simplicity. All products are 100% recyclable and manufactured from green, eco-friendly materials in a process which is going towards the ‘zero environmental impact’. Artelinear have truly mastered the art of manufacturing a product which sits outside the parameters of standard manufacturing conventions. The product has truly to be seen to be appreciated for its unrivalled quality and beauty.

ARTELINEA at Draw A Bath


The preferred choice of architects and designers throughout the world, Dorn Bracht’s reputation as the leading luxury brassware and shower manufacturer is well deserved. From design to completion each piece of brassware to leave the German manufacturing facility, is afforded unparalleled levels of care and attention to ensure the function and reliability of the product matches the beauty of its design. Their tendency to collaborate with renowned designers and architects during the design stages has enabled Dorn Bracht to fuse form with function so effectively that the result is truly astonishing. To use a Dorn Bracht tap or shower is and experience that cannot be matched by any other.

DORN BRACHT at Draw A Bath


For nearly a century Imperial has been handcrafting ceramics and furniture in the historic town of Aldridge. Here traditional skills in ceramic and furniture manufacturing have been passed down through generations of local craftsmen. Creating bathrooms which are timeless and elegant, Imperial are one of the true Artisan manufacturers to remain in the UK as is seen in their exquisite product. Take a close look at a piece of Imperial ceramic and you will discover a pristine finish and pure glaze which is unrivalled in the Traditional Ceramics sector. This quality extends throughout the Imperial range, from handmade furniture complete with dovetail joints to solid cast iron baths which epitomise everything that a beautiful, traditional bathroom should be.

IMPERIAL at Draw A Bath


Founded in 1971, Matki’s reputation for superior quality is underpinned by the exceptional design, build quality and durability of their shower enclosures and trays. Continually pushing the boundaries, they deliver products which are consistently beautiful and unique yet understated enabling them to truly stand the test of time. Manufactured to order in the UK each Matki product retains an authentic hand-built quality which is unrivalled in the industry. Each is backed by a genuine guarantee and exemplary customer service, so Matki customers can feel confident that they have a product that will meet their needs for years to come.

MATKI at Draw A Bath


Based in Switzerland Geberit is a leading manufacturer in the field of sanitary products providing innovative bathroom solutions. Their concealed cisterns have been installed and emulated globally for the last 50 years. Renowned for reliability their 25 years spare parts guarantee provides long term security. Recent developments of bathroom furniture and ceramics have taken Geberit in an exciting new direction enabling them to deliver a complete bathroom solution for the modern living environment.

GEBERIT at Draw A Bath

We also have an extended range of suppliers covering everything from tiles to accessories. Available to browse in our Heswall showroom.